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Added instructions for including .lisp files in content/

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......@@ -24,7 +24,14 @@ the `index.html` page - defining the site's front page
- is located in `content/` as well as any images that
are included on the front page but not included on any
template content. Referred content, such as stylesheets,
scripts and images are located in `content/static/*`.
scripts and images are located in `content/static/*`
The `content/` directory can contain both `html` files and `lisp`
files. `html` files are processed with the template stuff directly
into the `output/` directory. `lisp` files are expected to have a call
to `cl-site:add-content` as their toplevel form, which takes arguments
of `:headers-plist` and `html-string`. See `content/about.lisp` for a
reference example.
If a file by the same name is stored in both
`layout/static/` and `content/static/`, then the one
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