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Define the intent of content/ vs layout/

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# site generator #
# site generator
## Directory structure
The source code for the site generator is located in the
root of the repository. The `t/` directory contains tests
for the site generator.
The site content is divided over the directories `content/`
and `layout`.
The `layout/` directory holds all content
that applies to more than one page (e.g. templates) and
everything that's referenced from such components (e.g.
logo and other images or CSS), or is used to override
such a component (e.g. a template which overrides the
default template). Referred content, such as stylesheets,
scripts and images are located in `layout/static/*`.
The `content/` directory holds the individual content
items (pages) and everything that's referred from that
content, but not referred from layout content. E.g.
the `index.html` page - defining the site's front page
- is located in `content/` as well as any images that
are included on the front page but not included on any
template content. Referred content, such as stylesheets,
scripts and images are located in `content/static/*`.
If a file by the same name is stored in both
`layout/static/` and `content/static/`, then the one
in `layout/static/` takes precedence.
## Dependencies
CL-MUSTACHE for HTML templating
* CL-MUSTACHE for HTML templating
* CL-YAML for YAML "header" parsing
* CLOSER-MOP (because...?)
## Execution
### From command line (recommended) ###
### From command line (recommended)
Using Make.
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