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    RESOLVE-DEPENDENCIES now working for remote resolution. · 65636197
    Something like
       CL-USER> (require :abcl-asdf)
       CL-USER> (abcl-asdf:resolve-dependencies "org.slf4j" "slf4j-api" "1.6.1")
    should download the required dependencies for the corresponding Maven
    artifact, returning the result as a string suitable for inclusion in
    the CLASSPATH.
    Abandoned strategy of using Maven Ant tasks to directly maniuplating
    the Aether API in contemporary version of Maven 3.
    Remove MVN package, folding symbols into ABCL-ASDF until clearer API
    vision is in place as there is no need to complicate things at this
    The ASDF links are not currently working, nor is the ability to find
    the Maven location under WIN32 as the resolution mechanism currently
    uses UNIX 'which'.
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