Commit 06f890c4 authored by Mark's avatar Mark
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jna: update to jna-5.9.0

This version includes the necessary native shared object trampoline
for working under macOS/aarch64 (aka "M1" aka "Apple Silcon".
parent 5b6f4845
......@@ -2,11 +2,11 @@
;;;; Need to have jna.jar present for CFFI to work.
(defsystem jna
:long-description "<>"
:version "5.6.0"
:long-description "<>"
:version "5.9.0"
:defsystem-depends-on (jss abcl-asdf)
:components ((:mvn ""
:alternate-uri ""
:components ((:mvn ""
:alternate-uri ""
:classname "com.sun.jna.Native")))
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