Update changes with 0.18 items.

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Version 0.18.0
* Programmable handling of out-of-memory and stack-overflow conditions
* Faster initial startup (to support Google App Engine)
* Faster special variable lookup
* New interface for binding/unwinding special variables
* Implement (SETF (STREAM-EXTERNAL-FORMAT <stream>) <format>)
* Implement (SETF (JAVA:JFIELD <object>) <value>)
* Programmatic handling of out-of-memory and stack-overflow
* Constant FORMAT strings get compiled for performance
Bugs fixed:
* FASLs are system default encoding dependent (ticket 77)
* I/O of charset-unsupported characters causes infinite loop (ticket 76)
* Memory leak where on unused functions with documentation
* Continued execution after failing to handle Throwable exceptions
* Line numbers in generated java classes incorrect
* JCALL, JNEW doesn't select best match when multiple applicable methods
* STREAM-EXTERNAL-FORMAT always returns :DEFAULT, instead of actual format
Other changes
* LispObject does not inherit from Lisp anymore
* Many functions declared 'final' for performance improvement
Version 0.17.0
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