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Fill in some missing docstrings from JAVA package.

Unfortunately, we have to use static initializers and retain the '###'
marker for documenting package variables as we don't seem to be able
to use the @DocString annotation as the JVM reflection APIs only seem
to require that we know the Java class that a field is part of in
order to look up runtime annotations.  If this understanding is
faulty, please let me know otherwise how to do it.

The :DOCUMENTATION option for the DEFGENERIC is apparently not
parent 4f0c79fa
......@@ -659,10 +659,26 @@ public final class JavaObject extends LispObject {
// ### +null+
public final static Symbol NULL
= Lisp.exportConstant("+NULL+", PACKAGE_JAVA, new JavaObject(null));
static {
String doc = "The JVM null object reference.";
NULL.setDocumentation(Symbol.VARIABLE, new SimpleString(doc));
// ### +true+
public final static Symbol TRUE
= Lisp.exportConstant("+TRUE+", PACKAGE_JAVA, new JavaObject(true));
static {
String doc = "The JVM primitive value for boolean true.";
TRUE.setDocumentation(Symbol.VARIABLE, new SimpleString(doc));
// ### +false+
public final static Symbol FALSE
= Lisp.exportConstant("+FALSE+", PACKAGE_JAVA, new JavaObject(false));
static {
String doc = "The JVM primitive value for boolean false.";
FALSE.setDocumentation(Symbol.VARIABLE, new SimpleString(doc));
......@@ -43,7 +43,11 @@
(dolist (url urls)
(add-url-to-classpath url)))
(defgeneric add-to-classpath (jar-or-jars &optional classloader))
(defgeneric add-to-classpath (jar-or-jars &optional classloader)
(:documentation "Add JAR-OR-JARS to the JVM classpath optionally specifying the CLASSLOADER to add.
JAR-OR-JARS is either a pathname designating a jar archive or the root
directory to search for classes or a list of such values."))
(defmethod add-to-classpath (jar-or-jars &optional (classloader (get-current-classloader)))
(%add-to-classpath jar-or-jars classloader))
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