ansi-test: CLEAN-TESTS now recurses into subdirectories

parent 08ed14af
......@@ -60,8 +60,8 @@ locally obtain ~A, and place it in a sibling directory to the ABCL source named
(mapcar (lambda (p)
(when (probe-file p)
(list p (delete-file p))))
(append (directory (format nil "~A/*.cls" *ansi-tests-directory*))
(directory (format nil "~A/*.abcl" *ansi-tests-directory*))
(append (directory (format nil "~A/**/*.cls" *ansi-tests-directory*))
(directory (format nil "~A/**/*.abcl" *ansi-tests-directory*))
(directory (format nil "~A/scratch/*" *ansi-tests-directory*))
(mapcar (lambda(x)
(format nil "~A/~A" *ansi-tests-directory* x))
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