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......@@ -4,9 +4,15 @@ Version 0.17.0
* Google App Engine example project "Hello world"
* Support for loading FASLs from JAR files
* Checking of init-arguments for MAKE-INSTANCE (CLOS)
* Support for *INVOKE-DEBUGGER-HOOK* (to support SLIME)
* Reduced abcl.jar size (bytes and number of objects)
* Faster access to locally bound specials (compiler efficiency)
* Java property to print autoloading information: abcl.autoload.verbose
* Experimental: binary fasls
* Default Ant build target now "abcl.clean abcl.wrapper" (from abcl.help)
Bugs fixed:
......@@ -23,6 +29,12 @@ Bugs fixed:
and BLOCK/RETURN-FROM blocks (compiler and interpreter)
* Correctly return 65k in char-code-limit (was 256, incorrectly)
* Fixes to be able to run the BEYOND-ANSI tests (part of ANSI test suite)
* Compiler typo fix
* Implementation of mutex functionality moved to lisp from Java
* Functions handling #n= and #n# are now compiled
* Autoload cleanups
* System package creation cleaned up
* CHAR-CODE-LIMIT correctly reflects CHAR-CODE maximum return value
Version 0.16.1
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