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Further CHANGES updates.

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......@@ -36,11 +36,19 @@ Features
** If the check for the presence of a class fails, find a
maven-3.0.4 binary locally, execute its Aether connector to
retrieve its transitive dependencies from the network.
* The facility to construct runtime classes via JNEW-RUNTIME-CLASS
** Fields
** Annotations
** getter/setters for fields
* JSS Java Syntax Sucks
** extensive bugfixing
......@@ -52,6 +60,16 @@ Changes
* [r13700] ABCL loads under the Weblogic 10.3 application server.
* [r13768] [#193] Allow zero-length symbols
* [r13785] JNEW-RUNTIME-CLASS gets fields and annotations
* [r13790] JNEW-RUNTIME-CLASS getters/setters for fields
* [r13796] [r13797] N3 DOAP description for ABCL
* [r13803] Build target 'abcl-contrib.jar' packages ABCL-CONTRIB
Version 1.0.1
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