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Update README's account of passing the ANSI test suite with results for JDK6 on Solaris.

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......@@ -182,8 +182,8 @@ Because of this,
### Tests
ABCL 0.28.0 now fails only 28 out of 21702 tests in the ANSI
CL test suite (dervied from GCL).
ABCL 0.28.0 now fails only 18 out of 21708 total tests in the ANSI CL
test suite (derived from the tests orginally written for GCL).
Maxima's test suite runs without failures.
......@@ -196,13 +196,15 @@ be gladly accepted.
Please report problems to the development mailing list:
Have fun!
On behalf of all ABCL development team and contributors,
Erik Huelsmann
Mark Evenson
Alessio Stalla
Ville Voutilaninen
October 2011
......@@ -2545,6 +2545,9 @@ in place, while we still need them to "
(defmethod (setf documentation) (new-value (x package) (doc-type (eql 't)))
(%set-documentation x doc-type new-value))
(defmethod documentation ((x symbol) (doc-type (eql 'function)))
(%documentation x doc-type))
;;; Applicable methods
(defgeneric compute-applicable-methods (gf args)
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