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A wrapping of the built-in Java thread pool of Executors.

Provides a basis for experimenting with multi-core Lisp execution.
In the future, java.util.concurrent.Callable would be the interface to make
individual executions based upon.

THREADS:START-SERVER will start a primitive, file-based message queue
system that processes files as they are created in a given directory.
parent e8423a00
;;;; Copyright (C) 2011 Mark Evenson
(in-package #:threads)
(require 'abcl-contrib)
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel)
(require 'jss))
(defparameter *server-running-p* nil)
;;; XXX possibly need multiple thread pools
(defparameter *thread-pool* nil)
(defparameter *scheduled-futures* nil)
(defparameter *incoming-scheduled-future* nil)
(defparameter *watch-queue-future* nil)
;;;; Configure the directories for a threadpool from these defaults.
(defparameter *root* #p"/var/tmp/abcl-threads/")
(defparameter *logs* (merge-pathnames "logs/" *root*))
(defparameter *incoming* (merge-pathnames "incoming/" *root*))
(defparameter *dirs* (list *incoming*))
;;;; A simple logging abstraction.
(defconstant +month-names+ '("Jan" "Feb" "Mar" "Apr" "May" "Jun"
"Jul" "Aug" "Sep" "Oct" "Nov" "Dec"))
(defparameter *log* *standard-output*)
(defun format-time (universal-time)
(second minute hour date month year day-of-week dst-p tz)
(decode-universal-time universal-time)
(format nil "~&~A ~A ~2,'0D:~2,'0D:~2,'0D"
(nth (1- month) +month-names+) date hour minute second)))
(defmacro log (message &rest parameters)
`(when *log*
(format *log* "~A " (format-time (get-universal-time)))
(format *log* ,message ,@parameters)
(format *log* "~&")))
;;; Start a pool of hungry philosophers.
(defun start-server ()
(when *server-running-p*
(error "Server not recorded as stopped."))
(mapcar #'ensure-directories-exist *dirs*)
(error "Failed to create directories under '~A'." *root*))
(let ((logfile (merge-pathnames "abcl-threads.log" *logs*)))
(setf *log*
(open logfile :direction :output :if-exists :append :if-does-not-exist :create))
(format *standard-output* "Logging to ~A." logfile))
(log "Starts.")
(setf *server-running-p* t))
(defun stop-server (&key (force nil))
(unless force
(unless *server-running-p*
(error "Server not recorded as running.")))
(log "Stopping the server.")
(dolist (future `(,*incoming-scheduled-future* ,*watch-queue-future* ,@*scheduled-futures*))
(when (not (or (#"isCancelled" future)
(#"isDone" future)))
(#"cancel" future t)))
(#"shutdown" *thread-pool*)
(close *log*)
(setf *server-running-p* nil))
(defun schedule-threads ()
(log "Starting thread pool.")
(when *thread-pool*
(log "Removing existing incoming thread pool."))
(setf *thread-pool*
(#"newScheduledThreadPool" 'java.util.concurrent.Executors 1))
(#"setExecuteExistingDelayedTasksAfterShutdownPolicy" *thread-pool* nil)
(log "Scheduling queue watcher.")
(setf *watch-queue-future*
(make-watch-queue) 10 1 +seconds+))
(log "Scheduling incoming watcher.")
(setf *incoming-scheduled-future*
(make-process-incoming) 1 1 +seconds+)))
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