Commit 59c1150b authored by Mark's avatar Mark
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Test for variadic arguments with more required parameters

parent 32af3433
......@@ -66,6 +66,26 @@
;;; end <>
;;; <>
(prove:plan 1)
(let* ((parameter
(jnew-array-from-list "java.lang.String" '("tmp" "passwd")))
(jclass "java.nio.file.Path"))
;;; N.b. Path.of() only exists starting from openjdk11. How to test earlier?
(jmethod "java.nio.file.Path" "of" "java.lang.String" (jclass-of parameter)))
(jstatic method class "/chroot/" parameter)))
(error (e)
(values :error)))
"Invoking a method parameterized on String String[].")
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