Update CHANGES with all work currently on trunk/.

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Version 0.15.0
(?? Jun, 2009) - Anticipate a June date
Summary of changes:
* Updated FASL version
* Support (pre)compilation of functions with a non-null lexical environment
* Compiler and precompiler cleanups
* 'rt.lisp' copy from ANSI test suite removed
* Many documentation additions for the (pre)compiler
* JSR-233 support improvements
* Refactoring of classes:
- deleted: CompiledFunction, ClosureTemplateFunction, CompiledClosure,
Primitive0R, Primitive1R, Primitive2R
- renamed: CompiledClosure [from ClosureTemplateFunction]
* Compiler support for non-constant &key and &optional initforms
* Fixed ticket #21: JVM stack inconsistency [due to use of RET/JSR]
* Numerous special bindings handling fixes, especially with respect
to (local) transfer of control with GO/RETURN-FROM
* Paths retrieved using URL.getPath() require decoding (r11815)
* Build doesn't work inside paths with spaces (r11813)
* Compilation of export of a symbol not in *package* (r11808)
* Moved compiler-related rewriting of forms from precompiler to compiler
* Removed chained closures ('XEPs') in case of &optional arguments only
* Loading of SLIME fails under specific conditions (r11791)
* Binding of *FASL-ANONYMOUS-PACKAGE* breaks specials handling (r11783)
* Fixed ANSI tests: DO-ALL-SYMBOLS.{6,9,12}, DEFINE-SETF-EXPANDER.{1,6,?},
* COMPILE and COMPILE-FILE second and third values after a failed
invocation inside the same compilation-unit (r11769)
* JCLASS on non-existing classes should signal an error (r11762)
* Dotted lambda lists break interpretation (r11760)
* Implementation of MACROEXPAND-ALL and COMPILER-LET (r11755)
* Switch from casting to 'instanceof' for performance (r11754)
* Google App Engine support: don't die if 'os.arch' isn't set (r11750)
* Excessive stack use while resolving #n= and #n# (r11474)
Version 0.14.1
(5 Apr, 2009)
Summary of changes:
* Include this CHANGES file and scripting files in the tar and zip files
Version 0.14.0
(5 Apr, 2009)
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