abcl-asdf-0.9.0: patching to greater global stability of distributed references.

Bump version to indicate that we have greater faith of the stability of the interface.

N.b. seems to break [Jeannie](
parent a0563ac8
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
(asdf:defsystem :abcl-asdf
:author "Mark Evenson"
:version "0.8.0"
:version "0.9.0"
:depends-on (jss)
((:module packages :pathname ""
......@@ -103,16 +103,29 @@
Returns a string in JVM CLASSPATH format as entries delimited by
classpath separator string. Can possibly be a single entry denoting a
remote binary artifact."
(with-slots (name group-id artifact-id version) mvn-component
(macrolet ((aif (something consequence alternative))
`(let ((it ,(something)))
(if it
(let ((name (slot-value mvn-component 'asdf::name))
(group-id (slot-value mvn-component 'asdf::group-id))
(artifact-id (slot-value mvn-component 'asdf::artifact-id))
(version (let ((it (slot-value mvn-component 'asdf::version)))
((not it)
(if (find-mvn)
(resolve-dependencies group-id artifact-id version))
(resolve-dependencies group-id artifact-id version)
((string= name
(let ((uri #p""))
(values (namestring uri) uri))))
(error "Failed to resolve MVN component name ~A." name)))))
(error "Failed to resolve MVN component name ~A." name)))))))
(defun as-classpath (classpath)
"Break apart the JVM CLASSPATH string into a list of its consituents."
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