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Update CHANGES for abcl-0.23.1.

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Version 0.23.1
* [svn r13509-10] Allow JSR-223 clients to query ABCL metadata without
incurring the entire interpreter startup time.
* [svn r13506] Fix probles with loading FASLs in directories
containing whitespace characters.
We now require all PATHNAME objects constructed via a namestring
containing the "file" scheme to be URI encoded according to
Version 0.23
......@@ -16,6 +35,12 @@ Features
* [svn r13034] ASDF-INSTALL now searches for location of gpg in a more
comprehensive manner.
* [ticket #108][svn r13027] Fix problems with ADSF-INSTALL failing to
download systems.
* [svn r12995-12997] Changes to generated byte code to prevent JRockit JVM
from crashing when optimizing it
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