Turn off all caching of JAR entries as it inhibited reloading FASLs.

The java.net.JarURLConnection implementation *never* invalidates its
cache even for files on the local filesystem, making it highly
unsuitable to represent FASL sources.  One can create a custom
protocol handler, but in the manner oh-so-typical of Java, we cannot
use the default implementation so a sizable amount of coding lies
ahead.  For the time being, we just disable caching.
parent 3dcf0b2f
......@@ -1746,7 +1746,8 @@ public class Pathname extends LispObject {
return null;
JarURLConnection jarURLConnection = (JarURLConnection) connection;
// XXX implement custom protocol handler that actual does the necessary caching
JarFile result;
try {
result = jarURLConnection.getJarFile();
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