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release: CHANGES for abcl-1.1.0.

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Version 1.1.0
(15 November 2012)
* A functioning (A)MOP implementation through the hard work of Rudi Schlatte
* The implementation can be used across many more Quicklisp systems
because the two top blockers have been fixed:
Nota bene: all of the following systems need patches to work as
of the 2012-10-13 Quicklisp. All patches have been accepted in
at least an initial form by the upstream maintainers.
* Java 5 bytecode Compiler
The internal Lisp-to-Java bytecode compiler has been hardened by
regression testing across Quicklisp libraries.
** large objects (???)
** (??)
* ABCL-ASDF Network installation of binary artifacts named by Maven POM uris.
** based on stock ASDF-2.26
** checks at runtime if a given class is present in the accessible classloaders
** If the check for the presence of a class fails, find a
maven-3.0.4 binary locally, execute its Aether connector to
retrieve its transitive dependencies from the network.
* JSS Java Syntax Sucks
** extensive bugfixing
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