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First draft of CHANGES for abcl-0.24.0.

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Version 0.24.0
* [svn r13087] Upgraded to ASDF-2.011
* [svn r13078] JVM::MAKE-CLASS-INTERFACE-FILE provides an interface
for the creation of Java interfaces as serialized by the new
classwriter code. An example of use can be found in
* [svn r13102] More type-conversion helpers in JAVA package:
* [svn r130103-r13107] Implemented JNULL_REF_P to distinguish a
JAVA-OBJECT which contains a Java "null" from the Lisp NIL.
* [svn 13117][ticket #117] Fix stack inconsistency error.
* [svn r13018][ticket #114] Fix strange backtrace growth.
* [svn r13105] Fix failing to find boot.lisp in an
"unpacked JAR" situation found by running ABCL in the Glassfish v3
servlet container.
* [svn r13088] Fix algorithim error in writing byte sequences via
RandomAccessCharacterFile. Found and fixed by David Kirkman.
* [svn r13090] Make --batch exit, use Lisp.exit() in places where
applicable so that the streams are flushed, hence allowing --eval
output to be flushed.
* [svn r13094] Eliminate flushes after every character in
javax.scripting support.
* [svn r13096] For arrays, add initialization with the default value
of the element type if neither INITIAL-ELEMENT nor INITIAL-CONTENT
have been specified. Found by: dmalves_ (freenode irc nick).
* [svn r13091-2] Better error reporting for UnhandledCondition thrown
from the Interpreter, storing the originating Java error in the
"cause" field if the cause is a subclass of JAVA_EXCEPTION.
* [svn r13097-13100] Slight refactoring of PATHNAME code, further
specifying URI escaping rules.
* [svn r13101] Reduced verbosity of the AbclScriptEngine.
* [svn r13111] Added a "tools" directory available in SVN repository
to contain tools for developing ABCL in various states. The first
inhabitant is 'code-grapher.lisp' that provides a prototype to
diagram a JVM instruction sequence via graphviz.
* [svn r13120] Register each compiler node with its parent.
Version 0.23.1 Version 0.23.1
============== ==============
svn:// svn://
(unreleased) (01 December 2010)
Fixes Fixes
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