abcl-asdf: maven artifact/dependency enhancements.

 * ensure-parsed-mvn now returns the repository as the last element of the path

 * resolve-dependencies now takes version and repository arguments as
keywords instead of optional args

 * resolve-dependencies now uses the repository from the maven path
parent c37f2076
......@@ -83,7 +83,9 @@
name version)))
(setf schema "mvn")
(pushnew repository *mvn-repositories*)
;;; Always normalized path "on the way out" to contain group-id/artifact-id/version
;;; Always set path to normalized path "on the way out" to
;;; contain group-id/artifact-id/version
;;; TODO? record repository as well in path of component
(setf path (format nil "~A/~A/~A" group-id artifact-id version))))
......@@ -366,7 +366,7 @@ If *MAVEN-HTTP-PROXY* is non-nil, parse its value as the http proxy."
(java:jnew "org.sonatype.aether.resolution.ArtifactRequest"))))
;;; TODO change this to work on artifact strings like log4j:log4j:jar:1.2.16
(defun resolve-artifact (group-id artifact-id &optional (version "LATEST" versionp))
(defun resolve-artifact (group-id artifact-id &key (version "LATEST" versionp))
"Resolve artifact to location on the local filesystem.
Declared dependencies are not attempted to be located.
......@@ -419,7 +419,7 @@ Returns the Maven specific string for the artifact "
(defun resolve-dependencies (group-id artifact-id
&optional ;;; XXX Uggh. Move to keywords when we get the moxie.
(version "LATEST" versionp)
(repository *maven-remote-repository* repository-p))
"Dynamically resolve Maven dependencies for item with GROUP-ID and ARTIFACT-ID
......@@ -516,16 +516,22 @@ artifact and all of its transitive dependencies."
((= (length result) 3)
(first result) (second result) (third result)))
(first result) (second result) :version (third result)))
((string= string "com.sun.jna:jna")
(warn "Replacing request for no longer available com.sun.jna:jna with")
(resolve-dependencies "" "jna" "LATEST"))
(resolve-dependencies "" "jna" :version "LATEST"))
((= (length result) 2)
(first result) (second result)))
(setf result
(apply #'resolve-dependencies (split-string string "/")))))))
(destructuring-bind (group-id artifact-id &optional version repository)
(split-string string "/")
(setf result
(apply #'resolve-dependencies group-id artifact-id
(append (when version
`(:version ,version))
(when repository
`(:repository ,repository))))))))))
;;; Currently the last file listed in ASDF
(provide 'abcl-asdf)
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