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Forwardport r13419: CHANGES from abcl-0.26.x branch.

parent 06c471c5
Version 0.26.1
* Upgrade ASDF to 2.017.
* Fix compilation problems by including the
org.armedbear.lisp.protocol source in the build process
* Printing of conditions defined with DEFINE-CONDITION
* Regression with failing SYNTAX.SHARP-BACKSLASH.6
and SYNTAX.SHARP-BACKSLASH.7 ANSI test suite failures
* Multiple failures in PPRINT.* ANSI test suite failures
* String interop with Java for strings with fill pointer
* Made #\Uxxxx a synonym for character codes with values greater than
255 on input, but never output as the character name by the
Version 0.26.0
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