Place 'asdf' and 'abcl-contrib' at end of system compilation

ASDF-3.1.5 uses the long form of DEFSETF which caused the
%COMPILE-SYSTEM to fail as 'asdf' was being compiled before 'defsetf'.
Since ASDF should have all of Common Lisp available anyways, we place
it at the end of build compilation.  Since 'abcl-contrib' uses 'asdf'
to locate contribs, we place that after ASDF.
parent 2c24ff49
......@@ -317,10 +317,8 @@
(load (do-compile "concatenate.lisp"))
(load (do-compile "ldb.lisp"))
(load (do-compile "destructuring-bind.lisp"))
(load (do-compile "asdf.lisp"))
;; But not for these.
(mapc #'do-compile '("abcl-contrib.lisp"
(mapc #'do-compile '("adjoin.lisp"
......@@ -460,6 +458,14 @@
;; Compile ASDF after the whole ANSI system has been
;; constructed.
(load (do-compile "asdf.lisp"))
;; ABCL-CONTRIB depends on ASDF
(load (do-compile "abcl-contrib.lisp"))
;; With all files compiled, we need to use the symbols collected
;; to generate and compile autoloads.lisp
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