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EXT:OS-{UNIX,WINDOWS}-P now provide a pre-ASDF runtime check on hosting platform

parent 19c8004b
......@@ -317,6 +317,8 @@
(load (do-compile "concatenate.lisp"))
(load (do-compile "ldb.lisp"))
(load (do-compile "destructuring-bind.lisp"))
(load (do-compile "featurep.lisp"))
;; But not for these.
(mapc #'do-compile '("adjoin.lisp"
......@@ -368,7 +370,6 @@
......@@ -51,3 +51,33 @@
(when (featurep subform) (return t))))
(error "Unknown operator in feature expression: ~S" form)))))
;;;; Cribbed from ASDF 3.1.7; duplicated to establish runtime conditionals before ASDF is constructed
(defun os-macosx-p ()
"Is the underlying operating system MacOS X?"
;; OS-MACOSX is not mutually exclusive with OS-UNIX,
;; in fact the former implies the latter.
(featurep '(:or :darwin (:and :allegro :macosx) (:and :clisp :macos))))
(defun os-unix-p ()
"Is the underlying operating system some Unix variant?"
(or (featurep '(:or :unix :cygwin)) (os-macosx-p)))
(defun os-windows-p ()
"Is the underlying operating system Microsoft Windows?"
(and (not (os-unix-p)) (featurep '(:or :win32 :windows :mswindows :mingw32 :mingw64))))
(defun os-genera-p ()
"Is the underlying operating system Genera (running on a Symbolics Lisp Machine)?"
(featurep :genera))
(defun os-oldmac-p ()
"Is the underlying operating system an (emulated?) MacOS 9 or earlier?"
(featurep :mcl))
(defun os-haiku-p ()
"Is the underlying operating system Haiku?"
(featurep :haiku))
(export '(os-unix-p os-windows-p))
......@@ -170,9 +170,13 @@ The &key arguments have the following meanings:
(if value
(namestring value)
#+unix "/dev/null"
#+windows "nul"
#-(or unix windows) (error "Don't know how to set up null stream on this platform."))))
(error "Don't know how to set up null stream on this platform."))))))
(defun setup-input-redirection (process-builder value if-does-not-exist)
(let ((redirect (if (eq value T)
......@@ -298,15 +302,13 @@ The &key arguments have the following meanings:
(defun %process-exit-code (jprocess)
(ignore-errors (java:jcall "exitValue" jprocess)))
(defconstant +pid-field+
(let ((field (java:jcall "getDeclaredField" (java:jclass "java.lang.UNIXProcess") "pid")))
(java:jcall "setAccessible" field java:+true+)
(defun %process-pid (jprocess)
#+unix (java:jcall "get" +pid-field+ jprocess)
#-unix (error "Can't retrieve PID on this platform."))
(if (ext:os-unix-p)
;; TODO: memoize this
(let ((field (java:jcall "getDeclaredField" (java:jclass "java.lang.UNIXProcess") "pid")))
(java:jcall "setAccessible" field java:+true+)
(java:jcall "get" field jprocess))
(error "Can't retrieve PID on this platform.")))
(defun %process-kill (jprocess)
(java:jcall "destroy" jprocess))
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