Commit a71aec0a authored by mevenson@1c010e3e-69d0-11dd-93a8-456734b0d56f's avatar mevenson@1c010e3e-69d0-11dd-93a8-456734b0d56f
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build: ensure abcl-contrib.jar is created under Netbeans.

Loading still borked (q.v. what should SYS::FIND-SYSTEM-JAR do when
there is no `abcl.jar'?
parent 3a0b81f8
......@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@
<target name="-post-compile" unless="abcl.compile.lisp.skip">
<antcall target="abcl.compile.lisp" />
<antcall target="abcl-contrib.jar"/>
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