Commit aa95ff18 authored by ehuelsmann@1c010e3e-69d0-11dd-93a8-456734b0d56f's avatar ehuelsmann@1c010e3e-69d0-11dd-93a8-456734b0d56f
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Use PROVIDE/REQUIRE to prevent multiple loading.

parent 2abafb1e
......@@ -57,6 +57,8 @@
(in-package #:xp)
(require "PPRINT")
(defvar *ipd* nil ;see initialization at end of file.
"initial print dispatch table.")
......@@ -333,3 +335,5 @@
(set-pprint-dispatch+ 'pprint-dispatch-table #'pprint-dispatch-print '(0) *ipd*)
(setf *print-pprint-dispatch* (copy-pprint-dispatch nil))
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -59,6 +59,8 @@
;must do the following in common lisps not supporting *print-shared*
(require "PRINT")
(defvar *print-shared* nil)
(export '(*print-shared*))
......@@ -121,4 +121,4 @@
(cell-error-name x)))
(format stream "The variable ~S is unbound." (cell-error-name x))))
(provide 'print-object)
(provide "PRINT-OBJECT")
......@@ -314,3 +314,5 @@
(%print-object object stream)))
(provide "PRINT")
\ No newline at end of file
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