Start noting changes for upcoming release.

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Version 0.19
* The REFERENCES-NEEDED-P field of the LOCAL-FUNCTION structure now
tracks whether local functions need the capture of an actual
function object.
* Make NIL (as symbol) available to the compiler.
* Move lambda list analysis to compile time where possible.
* BROADCAST-STREAM obeys default external format fixing ANSI
* Improve arglist display for SLIME (Matthias Hözl).
* Optimize array utilization in closures.
* Optimize array functions in compiler which don't require clearing
the VALUES array.
* Optimize/normalize aspects of boot.lisp
* Prevent duplicated subclasses.
* Print Java objects with PRINT-OBJECT when *PRINT-PRETTY* is false
(Alan Ruttenberg).
Version 0.18.1
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