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Add the CHANGES done thus far targetting 0.25.

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......@@ -6,9 +6,66 @@ svn://
* [svn r13230] Add :resolve-symlinks keyword argument for DIRECTORY.
* Add :resolve-symlinks keyword argument for DIRECTORY.
* [svn r13226] Support -- as a command line parameter for the REPL.
* Support -- as a command line parameter for the REPL.
* Preliminary support for Maven deployment.
* Add an initargs cache for speedups in check-initargs. This should
make the initarg checking in CLOS quite a bit faster.
* Incorporate output of 'svnversion' into LISP-IMPLEMENTATION-VERSION.
* Ant target for generating Javadoc.
* [svn r13229] Remove non-existing THREAD-LOCK and THREAD-UNLOCK from autoloads.
* [svn 13228] Fix incorrect elimination of named local functions
declared inline when they're actually reified in the flet/labels body.
* [svn r13217] Forward-referenced classes work properly now.
* [svn r13209] Add initarg checking to REINITIALIZE-INSTANCE.
* [svn r13204] FINALIZE-INHERITANCE is (more) AMOP compatible.
* [svn r13203] Create ATOMIC-DEFGENERIC macro, in order to eliminate
FMAKUNBOUND calls and the resulting windows where no function is bound to
symbols which are the most essential building blocks in CLOS/AMOP.
* [svn r13200] Atomically swap generic functions into place of temporary
DEFUNs for all standard-class slot accessors.
Note: This addresses the recursive requirement to be able
to allocate objects and classes while changing the functions
used to create them.
* [svn r13196] Provide more context regarding the reason of autoloading.
Note: This change *hugely* helps debugging.
* [svn r13189] Fix MACROEXPAND-ALL autoloader which should be
loaded from 'format.lisp'.
* [svn r13188] Fix DEFSTRUCT trying to generate accessors named NIL
* [svn r13187] Fix #125: FASL reader should not convert symbol
case [Qi FASL loading issues].
* [svn r13185] Fix #119: Incorrect dynamic environment for
evaluation of :CLASS allocation slot initforms.
* [svn r13182-r13184] Fix error printing issues.
* [svn r13181] Increase autoload verbosity: include FASLs too
(not only Java classes).
* Merge 'unsafe-p-removal' branch.
Version 0.24.0
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