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Update CHANGES for abcl-1.1.1.
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......@@ -6,8 +6,33 @@ svn.uri=:"http//"
Version 1.1.1
(14 Feburary 2013)
* All reported errors with the MOP implementation have been addressed.
* An autoloader for SETF expansion functions has been implemented,
eliminating the errors associated with not being able to use (SETF
SYMBOL) without first invoking SYMBOL as a function. [#266
* All outstanding regressions in the ANSI test suite with respect to
abcl-1.0.1 have been fixed.
* The ability to resolve Maven components in ASDF system definitions has been restored.
Issues Resolved
[#266] PSETF.47 ANSI regression
[#284] checks in ensure-generic-function-using-class should occur later
[#296] SLIME fails to initialize with (SETF DOCUMENTATION) undefined
[#198] Hunchentoot run failure
[#228] Need to implement autoloader facility for SETF functions
[#288] Control character names
[#290] Compiling (defvar *foo* '(quote . x)) throws an error
[#293] Loop and default value for of-type problem
[#294] Reader doesn't recognize terminating characters in some cases
[#299] ABCL-ASDF:MVN components not loading
Version 1.1.0
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