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Update CHANGES with development so far.

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Version 0.27.0
* ABCL works as an SBCL build host
* Huge (> 64k) literal object support (fixes CL-UNICODE support)
* Static initializers moved to <clinit>() (java: static { }) to
prevent repeated execution when invoking the constructor multiple times
* Compiler clean-ups
* Changed implementation of LABELS to eliminate the need
to *always* create a closure
* File compiler (COMPILE-FILE) clean-ups
* MULTIPLE-VALUE-PROG1.10 (ansi test) fixed
* [ticket #148] READTABLE-CASE :INVERT doesn't work for uninterned symbols
* [ticket #161] READTABLE-CASE of current readtable affects FASL content
* [ticket #162] Non-symbol in variable position of SETQ form causes
class verification failure
* [ticket #163] Local functions shadow global macro and function bindings
(fixes PARENSCRIPT support)
Version 0.26.2
......@@ -10,15 +52,15 @@ Features
* Fix loading from fasls under Windows with whitespace in pathname.
* Fix #131: Don't include ':' in the version string.
* Fix #141: SETF of APPLY not working with arbitrary function.
* Include filename in the error string being reported.
* Include the test source in the release.
* Include ASDF definition in source release.
Version 0.26.1
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