Update CHANGES with what happened toward 0.17.0 for now.

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......@@ -2,16 +2,40 @@ Version 0.17.0
* Support for loading FASLs from JAR files.
* Support for loading FASLs from JAR files
* Checking of init-arguments for MAKE-INSTANCE (CLOS)
* Support for *INVOKE-DEBUGGER-HOOK* (to support SLIME)
Bugs fixed:
* Better fix for #63: Prevent exceptions from happening (GO and RETURN-FROM)
* Restore ability for ABCL to be build host for SBCL
* CLOS performance improvements through looser COMPILE dependency
* Compilation fix for highest SPEED setting (triggered by CL-BENCH)
* COMPILE's use of temp files eliminated
* OpenJDK on Darwin now correctly identified
* Incorrect block names for SETF functions defined by LABELS
* Fixed MULTIPLE-VALUE-CALL with more than 8 arguments
* Incorrect identification of lexical scope on recursive TAGBODY/GO
and BLOCK/RETURN-FROM blocks (compiler and interpreter)
* Correctly return 65k in char-code-limit (was 256, incorrectly)
Version 0.16.1
(17 Oct, 2009)
Bugs fixed:
Bugs fixed
* More careful checking for null args in LispStackFrame
* Honor appearance of &allow-other-keys in CLOS MAKE-INSTANCE
* Fix #63: GO forms to non-existent TAGBODY labels would exit ABCL
* Don't leak temp files during compilation
Version 0.16.0
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