Commit dffb84ec authored by ehuelsmann@1c010e3e-69d0-11dd-93a8-456734b0d56f's avatar ehuelsmann@1c010e3e-69d0-11dd-93a8-456734b0d56f
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Revert r14107: r14118 meets the compilation requirement.

parent df6ecc42
......@@ -299,7 +299,6 @@
(load (do-compile "ldb.lisp"))
(load (do-compile "destructuring-bind.lisp"))
(load (do-compile "asdf.lisp"))
(load (do-compile "socket.lisp"))
;; But not for these.
(mapc #'do-compile '("abcl-contrib.lisp"
......@@ -417,6 +416,7 @@
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