Commit e1cdf964 authored by ehuelsmann@1c010e3e-69d0-11dd-93a8-456734b0d56f's avatar ehuelsmann@1c010e3e-69d0-11dd-93a8-456734b0d56f
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Fix incorrect dead code elimination reported by Vibhu Mohindra.

  Additionally, don't recurse into flet/labels upon elimination of a single
  labels function; simply continue by changing the applicable set.
parent 3649ea9d
......@@ -795,24 +795,35 @@
(find-use name (%cdr expression))))))
(defun precompile-flet/labels (form)
(let ((*precompile-env* (make-environment *precompile-env*))
(operator (car form))
(locals (cadr form))
(let* ((*precompile-env* (make-environment *precompile-env*))
(operator (car form))
;; precompile expands macros -- macros may hide the fact
;; that locally defined functions are being used.
(mapcar #'(lambda (local)
(let ((precompiled-lambda
(precompile-lambda (list* 'lambda (cdr local)))))
(list* (car local)
(cadr precompiled-lambda) ;; precompiled args
(cddr precompiled-lambda) ;; precompiled body
(cadr form)))
(applicable-locals precompiled-locals)
;; first augment the environment with the newly-defined local functions
;; to shadow preexisting macro definitions with the same names
(dolist (local locals)
(dolist (local precompiled-locals)
(environment-add-function-definition *precompile-env*
(car local) (cddr local)))
;; then precompile (thus macro-expand) the body before inspecting it
;; for the use of our locals and optimizing them away
(setq body (mapcar #'precompile1 (cddr form)))
(dolist (local locals)
(dolist (local precompiled-locals)
(let* ((name (car local))
(used-p (find-use name body)))
(unless used-p
(when (eq operator 'LABELS)
(dolist (local locals)
(dolist (local precompiled-locals)
(when (neq name (car local))
(when (find-use name (cddr local))
(setf used-p t)
......@@ -824,21 +835,17 @@
(cdr (memq '&optional (cadr local)))
(cdr (memq '&key (cadr local)))
(cdr (memq '&aux (cadr local))))))
(when (and vars (find-use name vars)
(setf used-p t)
(when (and vars (find-use name vars))
(setf used-p t)
(unless used-p
(format t "; Note: deleting unused local function ~A ~S~%"
operator name)
(let* ((new-locals (remove local locals :test 'eq))
(if new-locals
(list* operator new-locals body)
(list* 'LOCALLY body))))
(return-from precompile-flet/labels (precompile1 new-form))))))
(list* (car form)
(precompile-local-functions locals)
(setf applicable-locals (remove local applicable-locals)))))
(if applicable-locals
(list* operator applicable-locals body)
(list* 'LOCALLY body))))
(defun precompile-function (form)
(if (and (consp (cadr form)) (eq (caadr form) 'LAMBDA))
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