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Update CHANGES with 0.26.0 items.

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Version 0.26.0
(?? ???? 2011)
* Add support for weak reference objects
* Add support for finalizers on LispObject derived classes
* Upgrade ASDF to
* #\ reader macro now understands #\uNNNN as unicode codepoints
* JAVA:JRESOLVE-METHOD returns same method as would have been
called by JAVA:JCALL with the same arguments
* Ant 'update' target to upload application to Google App Engine
* Simple RUN-PROGRAM implementation
* Support for custom slot definitions according to AMOP
* New JAVA:*JAVA-OBJECT-TO-STRING-LENGTH* variable to control pretty
printing of Java objects
* JSS - more dynamic Lisp/Java FFI - (
* (REQUIRE :ABCL-CONTRIB) adds 'abcl-contrib.jar' to the ASDF search path
* Support for weak references in hash tables through a :WEAKNESS keyword
argument to MAKE-HASH-TABLE; with SYS:HASH-TABLE-WEAKNESS for inspection
* Support for loading ASDF systems from JAR archives
* Fast SHA1, SHA256 and SHA512 cryptographic hashes for files
* Beginnings of a manual
* ABCL/ASDF integration with Maven provided systems
* ASDF-JAR:PACKAGE function to package ASDF systems into JARs
* Reduced code size in the compiler by changing COMPILE-TEST-FORM
* Enhanced SLIME inspector for JAVA:JAVA-OBJECT
* Reimplemented MERGE-PATHNAMES
* TRANSLATE-PATHNAME aligned with SBCL's behaviour if version is wild
* Removed PRINT-OBJECT methods duplicating Java side code
* Refactored code in SYSTEM:ZIP function
* Allow JCOERCE to convert any number to java.lang.Byte (using
its two's complement)
* Replace MAKE-IMMEDIATE-OBJECT with +NULL+, +TRUE+ and +FALSE+ constants
(the only supported ones)
* Better separation between java-collections package and Java FFI
* JAVA:ADD-TO-CLASSPATH is now a generic function
* Google App Engine example fixed
* MAKE-PATHNAME erroneously merges directories as in MERGE-PATHNAME
* Pretty printer routines using SYS:OUTPUT-OBJECT with GRAY-STREAM
* Value of *PRINT-CASE* affects file (to FASL) compilation
* MAKE-PATHNAME ignores version in :DEFAULTS
* URI decoding algorithm in
* JNEW-ARRAY-FROM-ARRAY should create byte[] arrays
Version 0.25.0
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