Add CHANGES file, summarizing changes per release.

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Version 0.14.0
(?? Apr, 2009)
Summary of changes:
* Increased clarity on licensing (Classpath exception
mentioned in COPYING, removed LICENSE)
* Resolved infinite recursion on TRACEing the compiler
* Changes on the lisp based build system for parity with Ant
* Fixed interpreter creation in Java Scripting
* no longer created; it was solely about installing
a SIGINT handler. Libraries should not do that.
* boxing of LispObject descendants in JCALL/JCALL-RAW fixed
* OpenBSD and NetBSD platform detection
* fixed special bindings restores in compiled code for
* introduced variadic list() function to replace list1() ... list9()
* fix return value type of ACOS with complex argument
* fixed precision of multiplication of complex values
* fixed use of COMPILE inside file compilation (i.e. COMPILE-FILE)
* fix expansion of macros inside RESTART-CASE
(fixes RESTART-CASE ANSI failures)
* fix macroexpansion in the precompiler
* Fixnum and Bignum now use a static factory method;
constructors are now private -> increases chances of numbers
being EQ
Version 0.13.0
(28 Feb, 2009)
Summary of changes:
* Separated J and ABCL into two trees
* Many many compiler code cleanups
* NetBeans project files
* Support for CDR6 (See
* More efficient code emission in the compiler
* Ant build targets for testing (abcl.test)
* Use ConcurrentHashMap to store the lisp threads for increased performance
* Fix adjustability of expressly adjustable arrays (ticket #28)
* Fix calculation of upperbound on ASH in the compiler
(don't calculate numbers too big, instead, return '*')
* Introduce LispInteger as the super type of Bignum and Fixnum
* Boxing/unboxing for SingleFloat and DoubleFloat values,
inclusive of unboxed calculations
* Fixed URL decoding bug in loadCompiledFunction (use
* Fixed line number counting
* Inlining of simple calculations (+/-/*)
* All static fields declared 'final'
* Add support for java.lang.Long based on Bignum to our FFI
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