Fix a couple of bugs in PATHNAME; reindent primitives.

Restablish (pathname-name #p"...") => "..." behavior which was broken
with [svn r12485].  Fixes ABCL.TEST.LISP::LOTS-OF-DOTS.[12].

MERGE-PATHNAMES fixed for jar-file pathnames referencing a hierarchial
jar entry.  JAR-FILE.MERGE-PATHNAMES.5 now tests for this case.

Stack-friendly primitives normalized (reluctantly) to the
Hungarian-style notation ("pf_function") introduced by Ville.
parent c49d7af6
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -221,12 +221,15 @@ OVERWRITE is true overwrites the file designtated by TO if it exists."
"jar:file:baz.jar!/foo" "/a/b/c")
(deftest jar-file.merge-pathnames.5
(merge-pathnames "jar:file:/a/b/c/foo.jar!/bar/baz.lisp")
(deftest jar-file.truename.1
(signals-error (truename "jar:file:baz.jar!/foo")
(deftest jar-file.pathname.1
(let* ((p #p"jar:file:foo/baz.jar!/")
(d (first (pathname-device p))))
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