abcl-asdf: add path convention used by OS X Homebrew packaging

Thanks to Cyrus Hamon.
parent fd4b37fc
......@@ -115,6 +115,9 @@ Emits warnings if not able to find a suitable executable."
(truename d)))
(list (make-pathname :defaults (merge-pathnames "../lib/" (find-mvn))
:name nil :type nil)
;; library location for homebrew maven package on OS X
(make-pathname :defaults (merge-pathnames "../libexec/lib/" (find-mvn))
:name nil :type nil)
#p"/usr/local/share/java/maven3/lib/" ;; FreeBSD ports
#p"/usr/local/maven/lib/"))) ;; OpenBSD location suggested by Timo Myyrä
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