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Update to asdf-

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......@@ -4296,7 +4296,10 @@ Since ASDF 2,
it should always be a good time to upgrade to a recent version of ASDF.
You may consult with the maintainer for which specific version they recommend,
but the latest @code{release} should be correct.
We trust you to thoroughly test it with your implementation
Though we do try to test ASDF releases against all implementations that we can,
we may not be testing against all variants of your implementation,
and we may not be running enough tetst;
we trust you to thoroughly test it with your own implementation
before you release it.
If there are any issues with the current release,
it's a bug that you should report upstream and that we will fix ASAP.
......@@ -4351,6 +4354,13 @@ and you are welcome to include @file{asdf.asd} amongst them.
Non-magic systems should be at the back of the @code{wrapping-source-registry}
while magic systems are at the front.
Since ASDF 3, the library UIOP comes transcluded in ASDF.
But for extra brownies, you may package UIOP separately,
so that one may @code{(require "uiop")} and not pull ASDF,
or one may @code{(require "asdf")}
and that would implicitly require the former.
Please send us upstream any patches you make to ASDF itself,
so we can merge them back in for the benefit of your users
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