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      ansi-tests: Fix ANSI-RT load definition. · 50ee397b
      A bit of a circular dance here to be able to use the ANSI-TESTS via
      ASDF.  In order to define functions like
      ABCL.TEST.ANSI:DO-TESTS-MATCHING we need to have loaded the
      REGRESSION-TEST package included with the ANSI-TESTS, so we can no
      longer use the value of the ABCL.TEST.ANSI:*ANSI-TESTS-DIRECTORY*.  We
      now do this via a relative pathname of the form '../ansi-tests/' to
      the location of 'abcl.asd' file, whereas our api previously suggested
      that one could set the contents of
      ABCL.TEST.ANSI:*ANSI-TESTS-DIRECTORY* to an arbitrary pathname.  This
      fixes the location of the ANSI-TESTS on the filesystem to be a sibling
      directory named 'ansi-tests' to the truename of the directory
      containing 'abcl.asd'.
      I tried to add some sort of :before method to either the ASDF:LOAD-OP
      or the ASDF:COMPILE-OP for the ANSI-RT definition, but assuming that
      the source named in an system definition exists locally seems too
      baked into ASDF2 to be cleanly intercepted.
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      ansi-tests: DO-TESTS-MATCHING will run all case-insensitive matching tests. · b6a3ad17
      An ASDF load of ANSI-INTERPRETED now loads the interpreted tests into
      memory via an :around specialization.
      Changes in ABCL.TEST.ANSI (aka ANSI-TESTS):
      DO-TESTS-MATCHING implemented (cribbed from ABCL-TEST-LISP).
      Refactored DEFPACKAGE forms out of ABCL-ANSI-TESTS code, creating
      abcl-ansi.lisp to hold all other forms.
      Import symbols from REGRESSION-TEST where it makes sense (list could
      probably be larger; why not just use the package?)
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      ANSI test database can now contain multiple test results per version. · 6cb21dae
      We change the syntax of the ANSI test results database to allow the
      specification of a unique identifier plus other optional identifying
      information by allowing keyword/value pairs.  The keyword :ID
      specifies the identifier, which should be a symbol.  Other arbitrary
      keywords are allowed which specify additional information to be
      associated with the symbol specified by :ID in the *ID* hashtable.
      Not every test failure entry needs to specify this information.  In
      case of duplicates, the last entry wins.  Suggested other keywords are
      :JVM to specify the Java virtual machine, and :UNAME to specify the
      operating system/hardware combination in a GNU autoconf-like string.
      See the comments at the beginning of 'parse-ansi-errors.lisp' for more
      The utility has been packaged in ABCL.ANSI.TEST, showing up in the
      ANSI-COMPILED and ANSI-INTERPRETED ASDF systems loadable from
      A database of failures has been included in 'ansi-test-failures'.  It
      is intended that other developers entrich this database with their own
      test results.
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      Reworked test infrastructure. · bfc2ee54
      Use ASDF to invoke all tests from Ant.
      Add working test for Ant version at least 1.7.1.
      Changed structure of 'build.xml' slightly to emphasize 'help' target
      by placing it first.
      Include cl-bench tests in 'abcl.test.lisp' Ant target.
      Added 'help.test' target for help invoking tests.
      abcl.asd now works for invoking tests.  ASDF systems with empty
      component specifications must be invoked with the :force t option to
      execute correctly.
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