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      Lisp builds store build-artifacts outside of the source tree (build/classes/) just like Ant. · 0e9c1a78
       SUBSTITUTE-IN-STRING: replace multiple occurrences in 1 string.
       MAKE-CLASSES: Create output directories before using them; pass '-d' argument to javac for
          out-of-tree class file storage.
       MAKE-JAR: Create output directories before using them.
       DO-COMPILE-SYSTEM: Move platform specific bits into argument value calculation,
          one main code path remaining.  Pass OUTPUT-PATH argument for out-of-tree *.cls/*.abcl storage.
          Create output directories before using them.
       MAKE-LAUNCH-SCRIPT: Don't point to source directory in the classpath; there are no *.class files
          anyway.  Adjust for the fact that 'abcl.jar' is in dist/ now.
       CLEAN: Use a list of directories and file patterns.
      make-jar.bat.in, make-jar.in:
       Adapt for the fact that build artifacts are now in build/classes/.
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