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    • Mark's avatar
      jna: update to jna-5.9.0 · 06f890c4
      Mark authored
      This version includes the necessary native shared object trampoline
      for working under macOS/aarch64 (aka "M1" aka "Apple Silcon".
  8. 17 Oct, 2021 3 commits
    • Mark's avatar
      ci: shuffle tests to place completely failing CL+SSL last · 5b6f4845
      Mark authored
      CL+SSL fails under openjdk17 with a segmentation violation for the bad
      cert test, so place it at the end.
    • Mark's avatar
      jss: fix instrospecting abcl.jar under openjdk1[67] · 3727c72a
      Mark authored
      Start port to openjdk1[67]
      Use JAR-PATHNME for implementing through jar entries in order to work
      on openjdk16/openjdk17.  The new implementation is roughly four times
      slower than the previous version probably because it conses around 100
      times more memory.
    • Mark Evenson's avatar
      ci: build with openjdk17 · 7843187b
      Mark Evenson authored
      Use the released LTS Java editions for testing: openjdk8, openjdk11,
      and openjdk17.
      TODO: figure out how to signal non-zero condition for individual test
      suites so they "go green/red" for easier inspection.
  9. 16 Oct, 2021 1 commit
    • Mark's avatar
      Correct ENCODE-UNIVERSAL-TIME for dates after 2037 · f869c0aa
      Mark authored
      The code removed in this patch seems to be attempting to adjust for
      times which occurred after a 32-bit representation of the UNIX epoch
      would wrap around to zero.  This doesn't make much sense as Common
      Lisp times are clearly defined as an integer number of seconds after
      The ansi-test DECODE-UNIVERSAL-TIME.5 now passes.
      c.f. <https://abcl.org/trac/ticket/443>.
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    • Samuel Hunter's avatar
      Fix and standardize all error reader functions · 2aae074e
      Samuel Hunter authored
      Fixes #388, replaces #389. The reader function `stream-error-stream`
      signals a `type-error` if it's applied to conditions that's typep to
      `stream-error`, but whose class is a subtype to `stream-error`:
      (define-condition broken-error (stream-error) ())
      (stream-error-stream (make-condition 'stream-error :stream (make-string-input-stream "foo")))
      (stream-error-stream (make-condition 'broken-error :stream (make-string-input-stream "foo")))
        #<THREAD "interpreter" {2075326}>: Debugger invoked on condition of type TYPE-ERROR
          The value #<BROKEN-ERROR {75A83798}> is not of type STREAM-ERROR.
      This fault exists within these reader functions:
      - file-error-pathname (almost -- instead of a type-error, the function returns NIL instead.)
      - package-error-package
      - arithmetic-error-operation
      - arithmetic-error-operands
      The fault exists because the Java code checks if its argument is
      instanceof its respective Java class. So, the method will fail on any
      conditions defined in CL that subclass these errors.
      Furthermore, some reader functions only check if they're instanceof
      StandardObject, which allows any CLOS object to succeed as long as the
      slot the primitive method is looking for exists:
      - cell-error-name
      - type-error-datum
      - type-error-expected-type
      Finally, some reader functions exist in standalone Java files, while
      others reside in its condition's class file, adding to some
      organizational clutter.
      This change fills two main jobs:
      - Standardize all reader functions to the same behavior: If the argument
        is typep to the right condition, return the right slot value.
        Otherwise, signal a type error.
      - Move standalone reader Java code to the files of errors they apply to.
      As an aside, this change would make ABCL's reader functions conformant
      to a wave of proposals for WSCL:
      - https://github.com/s-expressionists/wscl/blob/main/wscl-issues/proposed/cell-error-name-type-error
      - https://github.com/s-expressionists/wscl/blob/main/wscl-issues/proposed/stream-error-stream-type-error
      - https://github.com/s-expressionists/wscl/blob/main/wscl-issues/proposed/type-error-datum-type-error
      - And the rest
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