The Java Foreign Linker Interface (JFLI) provides an abstraction to
manipulate Java classes from Armed Bear Common Lisp that has been
ported to other Lisp implementations.

Incorporated into ABCL from <git://>.


jfli ( is a library that provides access to Java
from Lisp. jfli-abcl is jfli modified to work with ABCL
(; it provides the same interface to Java,
but, since ABCL lives on the JVM, it doesn't need jni.

jfli-abcl has an experimental NEW-CLASS macro that writes and loads a
Java class at runtime, and defines the usual jfli-like Lisp interface
to it. See the documentation of NEW-CLASS and the examples for the
syntax. If you want to use it, make sure that (1) asm.jar
( is in your classpath, and (2) the runtime
generated Java classes are in the Java package of the same name as the
Lisp package in which they're defined, like this:

(in-package "FOO")
(new-class "FOO.MyClass" ...)

Caveats: jfli-abcl inherits all the bugs from jfli; see the archives
of the jfli-users mailing list for a partial list. It probably also
adds some of its own. I'm particularly interested in the latter type.

Please send (ABCL-specific) bug reports, suggestions, examples,
and whatever else you can think of, to 

# Colophon

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