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    Fix problems with whitespace in JAR-PATHNAME. · 07c45f9e
    For dealing with URI Encoding (also known as [Percent Encoding]() we
    implement the following rules which were implicitly.
    [Percent Encoding]: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Percent-encoding
    1.  All pathname components are represented "as is" without escaping.
    2.  Namestrings are suitably escaped if the Pathname is a URL-PATHNAME
        or a JAR-PATHNAME.
    3.  Namestrings should all "round-trip":
        (when (typep p 'pathname)
           (equal (namestring p)
                  (namestring (pathname p))))
    Users may use EXT:URI-ENCODE and EXT:URI-DECODE to access the escaping
    rules in circumstances where they wish to manipulate PATHNAME
    namestrings more directly.
    All tests in JAR-PATHNAMES now pass.
    Constructors for PATHNAME now produce ERROR rather than FILE-ERROR as
    CLHS says "The type file-error consists of error conditions that occur
    during an attempt to open or close a file, or during some low-level
    transactions with a file system," which doesn't apply here.
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