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    (partially) restore CL:LOAD from jar files. · c5713e03
    There is apparently a fair amount of "breakage" of cases that used to
    load no longer working which seems due to the changes in the semantics
    for finding the FASL init loader.  The following tests are now broken
    but no longer cause the JVM to crash: JAR-PATHNAME.LOAD.HTTP.1,
    and JAR-PATHNAME.LOAD.HTTP.9.  Need to follow this up in subsequent work.
    Fixed the underlying HttpHead.get() interface used to determine
    whether to used a cache version. The custom HTTP HEAD code that was
    working under Java 6 no longer worked on Java 7.
    Added to HttpHead.get() asynchronous java.lang.Throwable on a socket
    timeout of 5000 ms.