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    *DISASSEMBLER* may now contain a function to return the disassembler command. · b6f545b1
    If *DISASSEMBLER* contains a function it specifies the command string
    to use for the DISASSEMBLE primitive by taking an argument for the
    pathname containing the class bytes and returning the string of a
    command that will output a representation to standard output.  We also
    change the default suffix of the temporary file to ".class".  All of
    this now enables "javap" to be used as the dissambler with the
    following assignment (in "~/.abclrc" for example):
      (setf *disassembler*
          (lambda (p)
            (let ((class (make-pathname :name (pathname-name p)))
                  (path (directory-namestring p)))
            (format nil "javap -c -l -verbose -classpath ~A ~A" path class))))
    It might be nice in the future if ABCL had a default value of
    *DISASSEMBLER* that would actually probe the filesystem for the
    existence of the various disassmemblers for fallback strategies.