Allow JCOERCE to convert any number to java.lang.Byte.

Maps any number passed to to its two's complement 8bit byte
representation, meaning that it will which may not be what one would
parent 7f2dfe3e
......@@ -68,6 +68,14 @@ public final class JavaObject extends LispObject {
if(intendedClass != null) {
intendedClass = Java.maybeBoxClass(intendedClass);
if(!intendedClass.isInstance(obj)) {
if (intendedClass.equals(java.lang.Byte.class)
&& obj instanceof java.lang.Number) {
// Maps any number to two's complement 8bit byte representation
// ??? Is this a reasonable thing?
this.obj = ((java.lang.Number)obj).byteValue();
this.intendedClass = intendedClass;
throw new ClassCastException(obj + " can not be cast to " + intendedClass);
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