build: 'abcl.clean.application.fasls' now cleans only ABCL fasls

parent 9e273341
......@@ -685,12 +685,14 @@ will compile (if necessary) and load JSS.
<property name="quicklisp.common-lisp.fasls"
<target name="abcl.clean.application.fasls">
<echo>WARNING: This target is removing local application inter-Lisp fasls, forcing recompilation.
<echo>Deleting local SLIME fasls under ${slime.fasls}</echo>
<delete dir="${slime.fasls}"/>
<echo>Deleting local Quicklisp fasls under ${quicklisp.common-lisp.fasls}</echo>
<delete dir="${quicklisp.common-lisp.fasls}"/>
<echo>Deleting ABCL SLIME fasls under ${slime.fasls}</echo>
<fileset dir="${slime.fasls}" includes="**/*.abcl"/>
<echo>Deleting ABCL Quicklisp fasls under ${quicklisp.common-lisp.fasls}</echo>
<fileset dir="${quicklisp.common-lisp.fasls}" includes="**/*.abcl"/>
<target name="abcl.dist" depends="abcl.jar">
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