Specify etags executabe under cygwin

Not working in a completely satisfactory manner as Ant needs the
absolute path, and can't refer to a symlink.  Since the absolute path
will change per Cygwin installation, this will break easily, but at
least one could plausibly get a working etags under Cygwin with minor
local tweaks.

Under Cygwin 'etags.exe' is a symlink to 'ctags.exe'.
parent 24f71af2
......@@ -732,9 +732,17 @@ will compile (if necessary) and load JSS.
<delete file="abcl.bat"/>
<condition property="etags.executable"
<os family="windows"/>
<target name="TAGS">
<delete file="TAGS"/>
<apply executable="etags" parallel="true" verbose="true" maxparallel="300">
<apply executable="${etags.executable}" parallel="true" verbose="true" maxparallel="300">
<arg value="--append"/>
<arg value="--regex=|[ \t]+//[ \t]+###[ \t]+\([^ \t]+\)|\1|"/>
<arg value='--regex=|[ \t]*@DocString([ \n\r\t]*name=\"\([^\"]*\)|\1|m'/>
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