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This manual corresponds to abcl-0.27.0, as yet unreleased.
ABCL is packaged as a single jar file (usually named either
``abcl.jar'' or something like``abcl-0.27.1.jar'' if you are using a
versioned package) that can be executed under the
control of a suitable JVM as follows
cmd\$ java -jar abcl.jar
For this command to work, the ``java'' exectuable needs to be in your
To make it easier to faciliate the use of ABCL in tool chains (such as
SLIME) the invocation is wrapped in a Bourne shell script under UNIX
or a DOS command script under Windows so that ABCL may be executed
simplly as:
cmd\$ abcl
ABCL supports the following options:
Displays this message.
Suppresses the printing of startup information and banner.
Suppresses the loading of the '~/.abclrc' startup file.
Suppresses loading the 'system.lisp' customization file.
--eval <FORM>
Evaluates the <FORM> before initializing REPL.
--load <FILE>
Loads the file <FILE> before initializing REPL.
--load-system-file <FILE>
Loads the system file <FILE> before initializing REPL.
The process evaluates forms specified by arguments and possibly by those
by those in the intialization file '~/.abcl', and then exits.
The occurance of '--' copies the remaining arguments, unprocessed, into
All of the command line arguments which follow the occurance of ``--''
are passed into a list bound to the EXT:*COMMAND-LINE-ARGUMENT-LIST*
If the ABCL process is started without the ``--noinit'' flag, it
attempts to load a file named ``.abclrc'' located in the user's home
directory and then interpret its contents.
The user's home directory is determined by the value of the JVM system
property ``user.home''.
\section{ANSI Common Lisp}
ABCL is currently a non-conforming ANSI Common Lisp implementation due
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