Fix compiled TAGBODY failures which were broken by the fixes to macro expansion.

parent 63ab96b6
......@@ -959,7 +959,20 @@
((null body) (cons 'TAGBODY (nreverse result)))
(if (atom (car body))
(push (car body) result)
(push (precompile1 (car body)) result))))
(push (let* ((first-form (car body))
(expanded (precompile1 first-form)))
(if (and (symbolp expanded)
(neq expanded first-form))
;; Workaround:
;; Since our expansion/compilation order
;; is out of sync with the definition of
;; TAGBODY (which requires the compiler
;; to look for tags before expanding),
;; we need to disguise anything which might
;; look like a tag. We do this by wrapping
;; it in a PROGN form.
(list 'PROGN expanded)
expanded)) result))))
(defun precompile-eval-when (form)
(list* 'EVAL-WHEN (cadr form) (mapcar #'precompile1 (cddr form))))
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