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Restart for when methods are defined over functions or macros, and when arglists don't match

(Alan Ruttenberg)

For those following along at home with the source code, you will
probably need to recompile your local FASLs after this change.

From <>.

Merges <>.
parent fa556dcd
......@@ -2190,8 +2190,12 @@ Initialized with the true value near the end of the file.")
(clrhash *make-instance-initargs-cache*)
(clrhash *reinitialize-instance-initargs-cache*))
(if gf
(check-method-lambda-list name method-lambda-list
(generic-function-lambda-list gf))
(check-method-lambda-list name method-lambda-list
(generic-function-lambda-list gf))
(unbind-and-try-again () :report (lambda(s) (format s "Undefine generic function #'~a and continue" name))
(fmakunbound name)
(setf gf (ensure-generic-function name :lambda-list method-lambda-list))))
(setf gf (ensure-generic-function name :lambda-list method-lambda-list)))
(let ((method
(if (eq (generic-function-method-class gf) +the-standard-method-class+)
......@@ -4549,9 +4553,10 @@ or T when any keyword is acceptable due to presence of
(eq 'setf (first function-name))
(autoload-ref-p (second function-name))))
(fmakunbound function-name)
(error 'program-error
:format-control "~A already names an ordinary function, macro, or special operator."
:format-arguments (list function-name))))
(cerror "Redefine as generic function" "~A already names an ordinary function, macro, or special operator." function-name)
(fmakunbound function-name)
(apply (if (eq generic-function-class +the-standard-generic-function-class+)
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