jss: fix test

(Olof-Joachim Frahm)

Merges <https://github.com/armedbear/abcl/pull/42>.
parent 8055cc41
......@@ -41,18 +41,18 @@
(- (#"currentTimeMillis" 'system) start)))
(is-type (let ((just-loop (cl-user::print-db (timeit (just-loop 10000)))))
(is-type (let ((just-loop (timeit (just-loop 10000))))
(+ 0.0
(print (/ (- (timeit (optimized-jss 10000)) just-loop)
(- (timeit (unoptimized-jss 10000)) just-loop)))))
'(float 0 0.1))
(is (let* ((jss::*inhibit-jss-optimization* nil)
(let* ((jss::*inhibit-jss-optimization* nil)
(optimized-jss (macroexpand (precompiler::precompile-form '(#"compile" 'regex.Pattern ".*") t))))
(let* ((jss::*inhibit-jss-optimization* t)
(unoptimized-jss (macroexpand (precompiler::precompile-form '(#"compile" 'regex.Pattern ".*") t))))
(and (eq (car optimized-jss) 'jstatic)
(eq (caar unoptimized-jss) 'lambda)))))
(is (car optimized-jss) 'java:jstatic)
(is (caar unoptimized-jss) 'lambda)))
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